CircVis: Whole-Chromosome Data Explorer

This plot was generated using GBM data from a TCGA repository. Data sources include Methylation (METH), Copy Number Variation (CNV), microRNA, and Gene Expression. Several hundred features pairs were identified as highly correlated.

The data is arranged in concentric rings. The human chromosome is mapped by position to the circle; first, in order of increasing chromosome number(1 - 22,X,Y) and secondly in order of increasing DNA base pair number.
Radial lines pass through the data at the same position on the chromosome which is labeled at the outer edge of the largest ring. The graph data at the center of the plot can be used to display relationships between features found at various points in the genome/proteome/transcriptome, etc.

Data in this plot, in order from outside edge to the center:

The entire plot can be manipulated. Drag any painted part of the plot to pan the view. Scroll the mousewheel over any painted position on the plot to zoom/unzoom.

An example filtering step: Use the text boxes below to manipulate the outer ring on the fly. Ranges should typically fall between -3 and 3.

Max CNV: ( greater than zero )
Min CNV: ( less than zero )

An example popup link that can be implemented. For any given position on the plot, a web service can be called to display additional information. In this case, the UCSC Genome Browser can be opened at the given chromosomal position. Additionally, the UCSC Cancer Genome Browser can be used to look at pertinent TCGA data.
Example UCSC Genome Browser popup