Demonstration tools

This is a simple set of demonstrations for the purpose of showing what I am currently working on. Some tools may render incorrectly. Please refresh your browser once if this happens. Often, the data service connection is unreliable to this computer. In other cases, I am actively working on this computer and the code may be unstable. I will try to notate the unstable software in the list.

The notes that look like (X day) are the approximate amount of time it took to implement the core features of the visualization. This includes the data massaging, the rendering code, and the core behavior code. It doesn't include the addition of configuration and API-type code. Those are often incremental and happen ad-hoc after reviewing the tool with collaborators.

Note: Nothing is guaranteed to work with Internet Explorer below version 9. Installation of Google Chrome Frame provides the most reliable fix for older IE's. The tools on this page implement HTML5 technologies, which will supercede the current HTML4 standard (from 1998!). Firefox 3 will perform slowly, due to a poor Javascript compiler. Please consider using Google Chrome or Safari. Alternatively, a beta of Firefox 4 is available and performs impressively. Internet Explorer version 9 is compliant and should render correctly. Please let me know if this is not the case.

Dick Kreisberg